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On 8 September 2017, ACR+ member Ecofolio merged with Eco-Emballages to form a new company called Citeo.

The two EPR organisations are joining forces to provide new corporate services, modernize waste sorting and recycling and boost public involvement. This merger creates a unique French centre of expertise, advice and innovation thereby fuelling the circular economy.

Citeo’s primary mission is to increase recycling in France as cheaply as possible. In the last 25 years, waste sorting has become an automatic reflex in French people’s everyday lives, such that 68 % of household packaging and 55 % of paper are now recycled. The circular economy is an evergrowing French and European imperative and consumer expectations are constantly building. In light of these new challenges, Eco-Emballages and Ecofolio have pooled resources and experience and put forward an ambitious joint strategy that benefits both the environment and the economy.


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