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ACR+ member OVAM, together with several construction companies, started the ambitious “Material-conscious Building in Circuits” policy program. The action program for 2014-2016 consisted of exploration, preparatory work as well as creation of many initiatives. The "Material Conscious Building in Circuits" program entails five themes: i) selective demolition; ii) cycle of stone-like materials; iii) cycles of non-stony materials; iv) material performance buildings; v) dynamic building. 
With the launch of the next series of actions and commitments for 2017 and 2018, the policy program comes at cruising speed. For the period 2017-2018, the first theme focuses on testing the selective demolition and circular exploitation of materials from the buildings. The second theme will focus on developing a wiki-application that indicates what high-quality applications are possible for concrete and other recycled granulates. In the framework of the third theme solutions for closing the circle of non-stony materials will be explored and tested in the aforementioned test areas. With regards to fourth theme the Environmental Impacts of Building Materials design tool (a measurement method for determining the material performance of a building) will be launched. This tool will enable architects to assess the environmental performance of building (element) and measurement. Furthermore, specific product data from building materials manufacturers (EPDs) will be integrated into the tool. The focus of the fifth theme will be on the roll out of design guidelines in the construction industry via the black field site 'the Pottery' in the town of Mechelen.
Source: www.ovam.be (In Dutch)

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