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Since November 2015, ACR+ member Calitom, together with GrandAngoulême, has been conducting a public consultation with various actors of the waste sector in the Charente department, France and around fifty voluntary citizens. 15 organised meetings allowed participants to express their opinion with regards to possible solutions for the residual waste treatment in Charente.

At the beginning of July 2017, the public consultation was officially closed during a meeting where Calitom and GrandAngoulême presented the work accomplished and the future orientations regarding waste prevention and management in the Charente department.

The results of the public consultation have been gathered in a document, presenting in particular the six models which have been submitted to a final vote. All the models were integrated to a maximum prevention scheme to reduce residual waste and were judged according to different criteria such as waste management costs, investment costs, impact on jobs, possibility of producing energy, etc.

The model which has been chosen is the one giving priority to stocking waste and closing the incineration plant until the waste reduction objectives are reached. This choice aims to support the citizens in their evolution towards a more eco-citizen consumption.

All the documents used during the public consultation such as presentations or minutes and videos of the meetings are gathered on a website: (in French).

Source: (In French)

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