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Starting from December 2017, ACR+ member Madrid Municipality will start operating new proximity recycling points. This type of facility works in a different way than the model of "fixed recycling point": its dimension and functions are smaller than the fixed one, but they can be placed closer to the users and are better integrated in the city.
In these new recycling points, ten in total, citizens can deposit, for future reuse and recycling, used vegetable oil, used clothing and footwear, WEEE, used batteries, fluorescent bulbs and low consumption bulbs, toner cartridges, aerosols, x-rays, and CDs, DVDs and video tapes.
The Proximity Recycling Points is a new concept of containers that encourages recycling and provides the public with the possibility of depositing their waste in a particularly comfortable way. It has two main characteristics and benefits:

  • An innovative format, capable of selectively collecting twelve different waste streams of domestic origin;
  • Its location, since it will be located in enclosed municipal areas, within the districts of the city.

In addition to these upcoming proximity recycling points, 16 fixed recycling points already exist, providing services to the 21 districts of Madrid. Furthermore 330 weekly collections are organised with mobile recycling centres.

Source: www.madrid.es (in Spanish)


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