Have you read the report "Circular Transition Scenarios & Software for Post-Consumer Textile Waste Channelling"? Published by the CISUTAC project, the report navigates the complex terrain of Europe's textile landscape, offering insights into future scenarios and practical solutions. Through analysis and strategic foresight, CISUTAC paints a vivid picture of what lies ahead, presenting four distinct scenarios that illuminate potential pathways towards a circular future. 

These scenarios, from a new paradigm of sustainable fashion to disruptive subscription models, provide a roadmap for stakeholders to navigate the complexities of Europe's textile ecosystem. Moreover, CISUTAC's decision support tool empowers stakeholders with granular insights, facilitating informed decision-making and driving the transition towards a circular value chain. As Europe embraces this transformative journey, CISUTAC's report highlights the imperative of collective action and the immense potential for a circular textile revolution. 

Read the report here. 

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