ACR+ took part in the conference on Translating the Green Deal into Local Action, held in Brussels last week. It marked a pivotal moment for European mayors and regional leaders, providing a platform to advocate for local action in the context of the EU Green Deal. With over 550 participants, the event underscored the importance of embedding the local level at the heart of environmental policymaking, emphasizing the need for a new multilevel governance framework and increased funding to support green initiatives. The formal handover of the Declaration of European local and regional leaders to Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo symbolised a collective commitment to post-2024 recommendations, paving the way for stronger collaboration between local and EU policymakers. 

The conference aimed to translate abstract environmental goals into tangible targets accessible to all communities.  Among key conclusions, we were happy to listen the great attention devoted to: integration of material resource consumption targets into Sustainable Energy and Cliamate Action Plans, multilevel governance and central role of local governments, the role played by human wellbeing in environmental policy planning, and the impact of local Green Deals. 

If you missed it, you can watch the livestream online.

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