MINEV: Exchange of Good Practices workshops

From 25 July 2024 09:08 until 27 July 2024 17:08
Categories: Projects' events

The MINEV Project partners will convene from 25 to 27 July in Klaipeda (Lithuania). For the first time in the history of MINEV, this meeting will coincide with the Sea Festival, offering a unique opportunity for the partners to conduct a case study on the event, where all members will act as "consultants". Additionally, the partners will participate in the Sea Festival procession.

Two workshops on the Exchange of Good Practices will be conducted by ACR+:

  1. Waste Minimisation at the Design/Planning Stage of a Cultural Event

    • Focus: Reusing or procuring/loaning used infrastructure items, temporary installations, and cooperating with local stakeholders to avoid waste after the event.
  2. Waste Minimisation at the Source and During the Staging of the Event

    • Focus: Elimination of single-use items, comprehensive waste collection systems, behavior incentives, waste plans, food planning, tracking, and optimisation. Special focus on waste streams such as tents, building materials, sleeping bags, and merchandise.

For more information, visit the event page.

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