EU Green Week 2019

From 13 May 2019 08:00 until 17 May 2019 20:00
At Europe
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Environmental laws have a huge impact on our life. They improve water and air quality, they protect nature, and they encourage recycling and waste management. But to really make an appreciable difference, these EU laws have to be properly implemented.

The next edition of EU Green Week (13-17 May 2019) will put this process of environmental implementation into the spotlight. We'll be asking questions like – do these laws really matter, and what the added benefits are for citizens? What does successful implementation look like? Why do "implementation gaps" exist? How can we move from knowing that stakeholders need to take ownership of these laws to actually making it happen? And most importantly, how can the EU facilitate the process, making sure that citizens' voices are heard?  

EU Green Week 2019 will include events across Europe, with the official opening event on 13 May in one of the Member States and a high-level summit in Brussels from 15 to 17 May. The opening event will have a particular prominence, setting the tone for the Week's debates. The closing of Green Week will take place at the end of the Brussels Conference and will showcase the political conclusions from the Week.

This year’s edition of the EU Green Week will include partner events organised by ACR+ members.
On 13 May 2019, ACR+ member BCNEcologia will organise a Pay-as-you-throw workshop, which will be hosted by ACR+. Economic incentives play a key role in the sound implementation of the revised EU Waste Framework Directive. Experts from Waste4Think will discuss about the system’s issues and how it applies to different stakeholder groups.
On 16 May 2019, ACR+ member Navarra will hold a workshop on Good practices in waste prevention at the Delegation of Navarra in Brussels. The Parliament of Navarra adopted a law on waste and its taxation in June 2018 with the aim of developing prevention measures to produce less waste, to implement high-quality separate waste collection and to establish a new taxation system that penalises landfilling and creates a waste fund. During the workshop, organisers will introduce the new legal framework, together with good practices in waste prevention. The event will finish with an ACR+ wrap-up of good practices that could be exported to other regions.
In addition to supporting partner events, ACR+ will be involved in three of the events organised within the framework of the EU Green Week in Brussels. On 15 May 2019, the awards ceremony of the 2018 edition of the European Week for Waste Reduction (EWWR) will serve as a preamble to the event. On the same day, but in the afternoon, the ACR+ team will host a session on mitigating the environmental impact of sporting events as part of the LIFE TACKLE project. The following day, ACR+ will give a presentation on the Urban Partnership for the Circular Economy (UAPCE) and its ambitious action plan to help cities deliver a genuine circular economy. You can learn more about the EU Green Week and see its agenda on its website.


13 May   AEUB 80px 

 Workshop PAYT - Pay As You Throw, in Brussels, by BCNEcologia 

14 May   CITEO 80px  Talk Circular waste management: implementation through innovation, in Brussels, by Citeo  

15 May   EWWR logo EN D BD 200px

 10:15 - 12:50: EWWR Awards Ceremony, in Brussels 

The Hague 80px 10:00 - 13:00: Workshop Roadmap circular urban resource management plan for cities, in Brussels, by The Hague

16 May                                          

 Bruxelles Environnement Horizontal 80px

Lipor 80px

 10:00 - 12:00: workshop Good practices and lessons learnt on waste prevention, in Brussels, by Navarra, with Lipor and Bruxelles Environnement


The Hague 80px


 11:30 - 13:00: Cities delivering a better environment through the EU Urban Agenda, in Brussels, with The Hague


Wcycle 80px

Climate Chance

 Circular Change 4th Conference 2019, in Maribor, by member Wcycle Maribor and partner Circular Change 

17 May  




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