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The Circular Europe Network (CEN) is a specific initiative on circular economy launched by ACR+ in order to support local and regional authorities in being ambitious on circular economy and will therefore support and help them to adopt aspiring circular economy strategies.



New factsheets are available in the CEN’s database, overviewing good practices implemented in the Basque Country (Spain), in the Autonomous Region of Sardinia Sardinia (Italy) and the Automonous Region of Prato (Italy), in Edinburgh (UK), in West Sweden and Gothenburg (Sweden), and in the Province of Drenthe (Netherlands). All the best practices details are available on their respective webpages.

Meanwhile, as part of the actions implemented within the Urban Agenda Partnership for Circular Economy, ACR+ engaged in a consortium involving its members The Hague and Maribor that requested an ESPON Targeted Analysis with the purpose to create a common understanding of the Urban and Circular Collaborative Economy (UCCE) in European territories. The goal of the study is to support policymakers with territorial evidence on the impact of UCCE initiatives, going beyond the large collaborative economy platforms and taking into account smaller and local initiatives. One of the main outcomes of the study will be a knowledge pack on the collaborative/circular economy including recommendations for policy makers at different levels.


Interested in joining the Circular Europe Network?  It is simple, become an ACR+ member and benefit from the CEN work and results!


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