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LIFE FUTURE – Sustainable Urban FUrniTURE: Tool design to perform environmental assessments in the green procurement framework – is a 2.5 year European project that started in 2015, co-funded with support from the LIFE financial instrument of the European Union. It is led by a consortium of 6 partners, including ACR+, representing both public authorities and research institutes.

Project co-funded by the European Commission under the LIFE+ programme, 2015 - 2018.


The LIFE FUTURE project consortium is progressing on the development of the GUF Tool. Efforts made both in the selection and in the programming of the environmental criteria for urban furniture products yielded fruits: a DEMO version of the GUF Tool is now available online. Within this version, public authorities can select the environmental criteria for urban furniture to be included in the tender on a Green Public Procurement process. Explanatory information is also provided for each criterion inside the GUF Tool platform.

The project partnership produced a new project poster and a video to support bidders on the GUF use of the GUF tool.


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